Fit Mama Blueprint


without the overwhelm of complex diets, the the stress of figuring out what to eat, or the frustration of hit-or-miss fitness routines.

Are you ready to start reaching your fitness goals and finally feel confident in your skin so you can be present, have energy, and feel like yourself again?!

The Fit Mama Blueprint is your complete step-by-step guide to achieving sustainable weight loss, embracing a well-balanced diet for the whole family without feeling restrictive, and rediscovering self-love and the joy in nourishing your body. It’s the path to feeling confident, capable, and genuinely healthy in your everyday life… all in 30 days!



Efficiently integrate fitness into your daily routine


Make informed and practical nutritional choices


Develop sustainable self-care habits

The struggle is real.

  • You’re juggling the world on your shoulders. Between playdates, pickups, and the endless to-dos, finding time for yourself seems like a distant dream. You’ve tried to eat healthy, but the barrage of nutrition advice out there feels overwhelming — what’s truly right for you and your family?
  • And when it comes to exercise, you can’t seem to find a routine that sticks — there’s just never enough time.
  • You’re tired of the quick fixes and the false starts. You want to lose weight, not because you don’t love yourself, but because you know the energetic, vibrant you is waiting to re-emerge.
  • You want to feel at home in your skin again, to look in the mirror and see the strength and confidence that’s been overshadowed by the chaos of motherhood.
  • But with every new fad diet and flashy fitness craze that demands more of your scarce time, you feel further from your goal. You’re not alone in this.
  • Many moms feel exactly the way you do right now — ready for change but uncertain how to fit it into their busy lives.

It doesn’t have to be this way

With the Fit Mama Blueprint, you’ll discover a straightforward, flexible approach to fitness that slots into your hectic schedule. It’s a no-nonsense solution designed to make healthy living achievable, enjoyable, and completely tailored to the busy mom’s lifestyle.




Here is what you get:

  • FITNESS INTEGRATION: Focused routines and exercises that are designed to be seamlessly integrated into a mom’s busy schedule, with variations for different fitness levels and time constraints.
  • NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE AND MEAL GUIDES: Alongside practical nutritional advice, receive weekly meal guides and daily meal plans focused on balanced macronutrients. This component is designed to instill habits of eating that not only nourish but also align with your fitness goals.
  • HABIT FORMATION: Strategies for establishing and maintaining healthy habits that stick, covering everything from hydration to sleep to consistent exercise, ensuring long-term success.
  • MINDFULNESS AND SELF-CARE: Techniques and practices to promote mental well-being, stress management, and self-love, recognizing that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.
Let’s get down to business

Here is what we cover…

Section 1

Welcome: Macro Mastery & Caloric Insight

Kickstart your journey with a comprehensive understanding of macronutrients and calories (but don’t worry- we aren’t getting into tracking macros in these 30 days- we’re only focusing on protein). This module explains why knowing about macros and caloric intake is essential for crafting a diet that supports fat loss and muscle gain, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your nutrition. 

section Two

Habit Formation: The Blueprint Foundation

Dive into the art of habit formation with the detailed tracker and goal-setting strategies. Learn how to establish sustainable habits that will carry you through the next 30 days and set the foundation for a lifetime of health and wellness. This module is your guide to turning aspirations into daily actions.

section Three

Daily Action Plan: Your 30 Day Roadmap

Discover and integrate exercise routines that fit your life and actually excite you.

Exercise should boost your energy, not drain it. Finding activities you love ensures you’ll stick with them, turning movement into a cherished part of your day.

Section four

Weekly Meal Guides: Nourishing Success

Nutrition made simple with weekly meal guides tailored with macronutrients in mind. Each guide offers a week’s worth of grocery plans, delicious and diverse meal options—two breakfasts, two lunches, four dinners, and two snacks per week—complete with a convenient grocery list. Say goodbye to mealtime guesswork and hello to balanced, goal-focused eating.

woman sitting on counter

How does this sound?

Your life after The Fit Mama Blueprint…

  • Empowered Daily Routines: Seamlessly integrate effective workouts into your day, no matter how packed your schedule is, and feel energized rather than exhausted.
  • Nutritional Clarity: Say goodbye to diet confusion with a deep understanding of macronutrients, enabling you to create enjoyable meals that fuel your body and help you reach your fat loss goals.
  • Habit Mastery: Develop resilient, healthy habits that stick, creating a ripple effect of well-being in all areas of your life, from sleep to stress management.
  • Confident Self-Image: Rekindle a love for your body, embracing its strength and vitality, and feel confident in your skin every single day.
  • Sustainable Lifestyle Changes: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge for long-term success, ensuring that the journey of health and fitness is a sustainable and joyful one.
  • 30 Day Fitness Plan
  • Macro-Focused Meal Guides
  • Daily Action Tasks
  • Habit Tracking Tools
  • Goal-Setting Strategies

And there is more!

When you enroll, you’ll also get these awesome bonuses:

Maximize your Fit Mama Blueprint experience with the intuitive Habit Tracker, designed to keep you accountable and motivated. This user-friendly tool features a simple, color-coded system — fill in green for days when you nail your habit and red for the ones that got away. With space for multiple habits, you can monitor your progress across various areas, ensuring you stay on track towards transforming your lifestyle one day at a time.

Stay organized and inspired with your exclusive 30-Day Fitness Calendar. This personalized calendar helps you visualize your entire fitness journey at a glance, with daily activities and milestones clearly marked. It’s the perfect companion to ensure you never miss a workout and can celebrate your progress every step of the way.

Track and acknowledge the daily wins with your 30-Day Gratitude Journal. It’s a straightforward, effective method to record what you’re thankful for, helping to maintain a positive mindset throughout your fitness journey. Documenting moments of gratitude can improve mood, reduce stress, and shift your focus to the abundance in your life, complementing the physical achievements of your fitness goals.

Hi, I’m Rebekah!

I’m a Dietitian and Personal Trainer with a passion for helping moms nourish their bodies so they can reach their body composition goals, feel confident in their own skin and have more energy as a mom… all without having to sacrifice a ton of time doing what they love.

I absolutely love working with moms to help them become the strongest + healthiest version of themselves.

Unlike other nutritionists and trainers focusing exclusively on either mindful- or macro-based eating strategies, I combine these principles to help women discover the specific ratios of foods that work for THEIR unique bodies so they can stay properly nourished and reach their health goals.

The truth is, fat loss can be incredibly challenging. And if you don’t have the proper tools , you will not be able to reach your goals and will end up feeling frustrated and confused.

That’s why I am so excited to create a space for you to learn how to incorporate healthy habits that serve you as a busy mom, so you can move from being overwhelmed and frustrated in your health journey to being a thriving, confident mama that feels STRONG and AMAZING.