Give me 5 minutes and I’ll help you shed more body weight than 6 months of dieting combined

The secret to losing weight isn’t calories, special diets, or Ozempic, it’s something else. So if you’re looking to lose that post- mom weight, sign-up to watch today- I promise it’ll be worth it!

Get real with your metabolism: fat loss that fits your mom life


Ditch the one-size-fits-all diet fads and get the lowdown on how your unique body type can crank up your metabolism and melt the fat away. This is not just another workshop; it’s your secret weapon to unlocking a sluggish metabolism and getting results that stick. 

Let’s get down to business

Here is what you’ll learn in this workshop

Why generic diets fail

Understand the importance of recognizing your individual metabolic differences and body type.

How to exercise smarter, not harder

learn exercise strategies that are best suited to your body type, maximizing fat loss without spending hours in the gym.

Nutrition that works for YOU

We’ll demystify how different foods impact your metabolism and how to balance macronutrients for your body’s needs

You Feel… uncomfortable in your own skin, missing the confidence you once had and longing to feel strong and vibrant again.

Hey, I’m Rebekah!

I’m a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer

As a mom of two, with another little one on the way, I get it.

You’re juggling so much, yet you dream of feeling strong, confident, and energized, all while reaching your body composition goals without giving up the things you love. Over the last three years, I’ve had the privilege of guiding dozens of moms just like you. I’ve seen firsthand how every mom is unique, with her own set of needs.

In our time together, I’ll be sharing insights tailored to help you align with your specific metabolism and lifestyle. My goal? To transform your overwhelm and frustration into a state of thriving where you feel absolutely amazing in your own skin.

I’m so excited to journey with you towards becoming a more vibrant, confident, and strong mama.

See you soon!

– Rebekah 

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Tailor-made for the busy mom, this workshop is all about giving you the straight talk on how to fire up your fat-burning engine. It’s time to say peace out to diets that don’t understand you and hello to a fit, energized you that’s here to stay.