Your Quiz Result: Ectomorph!

Here’s your game-changer: a meal and workout plan tailored just for Ectomorphs like you. I get it—no matter how much you eat or train, gaining muscle and/or losing fat can feel impossible. That’s why I’ve crafted a plan focused on nutrient-rich meals and effective workouts to maximize your muscle gains, boost your metabolism, and get you stronger, all without monopolizing your time.

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Does this sound like you?

You’re consistently putting in effort at the gym and trying to eat healthy, but you’re not seeing the muscle gain or fat loss you’re aiming for. It feels like you’re just running in place, and it’s frustrating.

But you know what?

…there is a better way!

Feeling stuck with your post-baby body? It’s time for a change that actually fits your life as a busy mom and your unique ectomorph body type. Our plan is crafted to help you safely and effectively gain muscle and lose unwanted body fat, all while managing your hectic day-to-day. No overwhelming gym commitments, just clear steps that lead to visible, lasting results. Let’s make your health journey feel achievable and exciting!

Before I was just looking for the easiest route to survive the day, and now, I plan ahead and make sure my food (fuel) is taken care of, enough, and nutritious. And, as a mom, I almost never sit down, but intentionally incorporating workouts in to my routine has been so nice!

Lesley W.
Let’s get down to business

Here is what you get…

meal plan


This meal plan is high in protein, higher in carbs, and lower in fat- perfect for the ectomorph metabolism. This plan has easy, tasty meals that match your fitness goals. No complicated recipes here—just straightforward, balanced meals that keep you full and energized. They’re quick to whip up and perfect for keeping up with your needs while helping you lose the baby fat and gain muscle.

workout guide


Get ready to transform with workouts made just for you! The Ectomorph Workout Guide is perfect if you’re always on the run. These 30-45 minute workouts are quick and powerful, focusing on building muscle and firing up your metabolism. Each exercise move has a video guide and modifications. Perfect for squeezing into a busy mom’s day, whether you’re at home or can hit the gym.

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I know how tough it can be to balance everything as a mom, but imagine feeling strong and confident again. This guide is here to make it simple. You’ve got the strength; now let’s get the tools in your hands.