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I’m Rebekah!

I’m a dietitian and trainer, but more importantly, I’m a mom who’s been right where you are. After shedding 35 pounds after my second baby, I knew I had to help other moms struggling just like I was. That’s why I created the “Metabolism Fix” program and started the “Fit Mama Collective,” a monthly fitness challenge group where we motivate and support each other. I’m here to show you how to fit quick, effective workouts and simple, nutritious meals into your busy mom-life. Let’s get you feeling great about your body and your health again.

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What we offer
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Nutrition Plans

Check out our easy-to-follow meal plans, designed with busy moms in mind. They’re quick to whip up, super tasty, and sure to keep the whole family happy and healthy. Say goodbye to mealtime stress!


Whether you need one-on-one attention or love the energy of a group, our coaching options are here to help you smash your health and fitness goals. We’re all about making your wellness journey fun and effective.

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Challenge Groups

Spice up your fitness routine with our monthly challenges. You’ll get four new workouts each week, support from other moms, and a whole lot of encouragement. It’s a great way to push yourself and have fun with a community that gets it.