What I Eat in a Day | Paleo Based | Gluten-free + Dairy Free

I thought I would write out for you what I eat in a typical day. I use the same “template” mostly for all of my meals, with just different ingredients! This is actually a weekend day, so the timing is different than if it were a week day. If you would rather watch a video, click here, or scroll to the bottom! 

7:30 am

I usually have coffee in the mornings, however I am currently in the midst of a 30 day fast from coffee. I am experimenting to see if the coffee/caffeine has any effect on my sleep and skin. I will keep you posted! 

8:00 am

For breakfast I am having my mango green smoothie (yum!) and scrambled eggs with spinach added using coconut oil. I salted it with Himalayan sea salt. 

10:00 am

In the mornings I usually have a piece of fruit, depending on what I eat for breakfast. If it’s not fruit, its either nuts or a Lara Bar

12:00 pm

For lunch I had a big FULL salad. Spinach, avocado, strawberries, grilled chicken (pre-made) and Tessemae’s Balsamic Dressing. SO easy to throw together. Usually I either make a big salad for lunch or eat leftovers! 

3:00 pm

I usually snack on a piece of fruit or a Lara Bar in the afternoon! 

6:30 pm 


OKAY. This is one of THE BEST meals I have ever eaten. Cashew Chicken. It is full of flavor and nutrients! Paleo, Whole30, Gluten-free friendly! For dinner, I always try to have some kind of meat (protein) and vegetables. I don’t usually have too much fruit at dinner time. 

9:00 pm

I was experimenting with some homemade ginger turmeric lemon tea. Boil 1 teaspoon of fresh zested turmeric and ginger, drain water with strainer, add lemon and honey. Super easy! You can also add some collagen powder for some extra protein! 

Okay so that’s basically what I eat in a nut shell. Obviously not every day looks like this, but 90% of them do! All of these meals are quick and easy to whip up and SO YUMMY. Also wanted to mention that I drink only water with my meals. And no, I DON’T GET SICK OF IT! I LOVE WATER! It is my mission in life to make water cool again so people like to drink it! 


See you next week! 

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