My New Perspective

Well hello there! It has been a MINUTE since I posted on this thing. Some explanation for that is why I am writing this post.

Alright. Here’s the deal. When I first started my blog it was because I wanted to help people learn how to eat real food in a way that was easy for everyone to apply to every day life. I thought eating real food was the cure to all disease.

That is still a goal of mine, but not because I think real food is the end all be all.

I’ve learned a LOT. And I approach life differently now.

First thing I have learned. Not everyone needs to eat paleo all day every day nor is it realistic for people to do that. Would that be ideal? Maybe. Maybe not. Realistic? No. I learned this because I ate strict Paleo for 3 years, mainly because I was trying to balance my hormones to heal my acne and heal my thyroid. I was so determined. I tried EVERYTHING. I saw it work for so many other people. I spent $1000s of dollars and nothing was helping in the slightest. Cutting out food, taking supplements, trying every acne product under the sun.

It didn’t happen. I didn’t get “healed”. I actually think I was worse off because of how strict I was. I would have emotional breakdowns often because of how my skin looked and the lack of control I had over it. If you have or have had acne, you know the feeling. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Then, I got pregnant! I was thrilled and so excited because I had a prior miscarriage and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I didn’t know what my future held in regards to having children.

During my pregnancy, I was so so so so so so sick. I was throwing up 4-5 times a day for months. I was miserable. I couldn’t eat barely anything but pretzels and toast. I couldn’t take my prenatal and I had to go on medication to help with my sickness. I couldn’t exercise. Heck, I couldn’t even take a weekly bump photo from week 6 to week 12 because I literally couldn’t even STAND y’all without wanting to die.

So. I stopped blogging. I lost all hope in nutrition and fitness. I quite frankly didn’t care at all about nutrition anymore. I just felt defeated.

My pregnancy taught me A LOT. But I’m not going to go into all of that in this post. One of the many things I learned was that medication is not all evil. God literally put me in a place of having absolutely no control where I had to rely on medication to sustain my pregnancy (thyroid medication) and medication to survive my pregnancy.

The only thing getting me through was the very thing I was against- medication. (Now don’t get me wrong- sometimes we can rely too heavily on medication so there is a balance here.)

God really used my health journey and pregnancy to open my eyes and give me a new perspective.

My new perspective is that you can live a healthy life that is balanced in a way that suits your lifestyle. If you don’t eat perfectly healthy every meal, THAT IS OKAY and you can still be healthy. You can’t control everything (or really anything). God is in complete control and He uses everything to make you more like Him.

Do food choices matter? Yes. Does medication help sometimes? Yes. Do supplements help? Yes. Does exercise matter? Yes. Do we need to cut out certain foods to be healthy? Not necessarily.

My new name is Well and Balanced Life because I believe wholeheartedly that you can live a well life, balanced.

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